Cultural Event 1 – Artist Talk – VTOL

Last Wednesday I attended the artist talk that featured visiting artist Dmitry Morozov. Dmitry describes himself as a “musician and engineer of strange-sounding mechanisms.” His work involves hacking into electronics and piecing them together to create interactive installations or performance objects.

In his talk he outlined many of his works including “Reading my Body” and “Solaris”. These two pieces are perhaps his most famous. In “Reading my Body” he took electronic components from a desk scanner, and Wii remote and paired them with an Arduino Uno. This piece literally scans a tattoo on his arm, and generates a sound composition based on the design of the tattoo. I found this piece particularly compelling, due to the fact that he is taking an organic shape from his skin and digitizing it. The digitized information is then sonified, creating a unique sonar experience all from some ink in his arm.

Another piece that spoke to me is called “Post Code.” In this piece, Dmitry is using a barcode scanner, printer, web camera, and a mono sound system all in unison. The barcode scanner reads any barcode and turns the information into sonic and visual compositions. The sonic data is played on the speakers while the visual composition is printed on a postcard. The idea is to bring a form of digital communication into human communication.

Overall, Morozov’s work was compelling and interesting, but also used software and hardware that we all have worked with as EDP Students. This notion was perhaps the most inspiring thing that I took away from his talk.


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